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Hello I’m Laura,

I am originally from the US but am currently based in London where for many years I have been working as a professional classical double bassist. 

Over the years I have had so many friends and family say to me that they felt classical music or opera wasn't for them. I have also had them say they didn't understand the world I inhabit. I looked around the web but couldn't find a space that was not full of cd reviews or talking about the latest Birtwhistle concert that someone experienced.  I wanted to create a space where our world could be entered and de-mystified. I too found the whole classical music world quite intimidating when I got to music college (still do sometimes) and I have lots of friends who aren't musicians so totally get where you are coming from.

 So here we are…The Inspired Bass. A blog I hope will appeal to non-musicians and musicians alike. A place where you can begin to dip your toe in the world of classical music and even get pointed towards some really cool concerts and events as well as some stories and insights from our world. If you are after the latest classical cd reviews or deep discussions about certain compositions you won’t find it here. If you are after a fun and informative look at classical music in the real world then welcome! Hope you enjoy the site!