Losing creativity

I seem to have lost my creativity mojo over the last month after a bout of illness.  I have also been beating myself up over it.

It’s like my creativity has just left the room. I look at a page to write or sit down to practice and feel nothing at all.

Why?  Really not sure. Sometimes because my brain feels like it just has too much else in it that there is little room left in there for creativity. I think also sometimes we all just need a break even if it’s from our passion. 

So why do I feel so guilty about it? Somehow when you have a talent you feel guilty if you are not using it to its full potential. Everyone always tells you how lucky you are and ask what you are up to at the moment. Mostly I just avoid that type of conversation and how do you tell them that you aren’t playing at the moment because you just don’t feel like it? Losing creativity can also mean a loss of identity.  Who am I after all if I am not busy playing or writing?

I went out to dinner one night with a few of my very creative friends who told me this had happened to them too! I was in a way really surprised as they always seemed to be working on such amazing stuff. Their advice was that the first thing to do is give yourself permission to take a break however long that may be.  It is impossible to be creative all the time.  I think it may be your mind telling you that you just need to fill up the tank of inspiration a bit. 

Since that conversation I have taken a break and got out going to lectures, seeing friends, watching inspirational films, reading etc. Lo and behold here I am! Writing again and practising too! I won’t say I am all the way back creatively but I definitely have that spark again. 

We all need a break sometimes. Let it happen and don’t beat yourself up about it but enjoy that breathing space

Laura CampbellComment