Look up...

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.” Stephen Hawking

Ok, I admit it…..I have fallen down a bit of a rabbit hole.
I have always been interested in astronomy and looking up at the night sky. Recently I have taken some courses in astronomy and planetary science and the more I learn the more I am truly amazed at our universe and our tiny pale blue dot. We really need to work on seeing the world with our eyes and not a phone...
The stars inspire me to see the bigger picture. It is easy to get caught up in our day to day struggles and feel stressed and overwhelmed. Just by looking up it makes you realise that we are only passing through this amazing universe which is almost 14 billion years old and filled with an almost infinite number of stars like our own.
I have also never been around an astronomer who was not truly enthusiastic about what they do. They are like being around excited children…and it becomes infectious. (That is the very thing I love about music and musicians too.)
Don’t be deterred into thinking that your math/physics etc aren’t up to it. I am really not that great in those subjects either but you don’t need them to look up and appreciate the beauty that is all around you.
If you are interested in learning more there are a lot of free resources around:

The Royal Astronomical Society:
They offer free lectures at least once a month at Burlington House (part of the Royal Academy complex near Piccadilly.
The Royal Society also offer lectures on many scientific topics including astronomy and planetary science. Most are free too!

Galaxy Zoo - you may have seen this featured on Stargazing live on the BBC. Why just sit watching tv when you could help discover a galaxy or a planet! Here is the link to their latest project finding planet 9! It’s easy..they can have you up classifying planetary objects in minutes!

One great place to get inspired is to log on to the NASA website. Once there you can browse through their endless library of photos and videos, articles and get caught up with the latest space projects!
There are astronomy clubs all over the UK. You don’t need expensive equipment….they have telescopes you can use…

So as they say at the end of the BBC’s Sky at Night …get looking up!

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