I often think that when the universe was doling out the productivity gene I must have missed the boat. I have friends who I admire so much because they seem to have a real sense of what they want out of life and really go for it. in achieving their goals they work REALLY hard. I always found it the case when I was practising. I was ok when I had a deadline to practice for but if I didn’t I would consistently put it off and when I did find myself in a practice room I would just play through the bits that sounded good (well there was a soprano singing in the room next door and I didn’t want her to think I was bad did I?)

So what is the answer to this procrastination problem? Assuming I am not alone…

1. Not following urges to distraction.

With all our technology and gadgets we have become in the habit of checking emails, messages, texts constantly. It’s like a Pavlovian response every time we hear that ‘ding’ on our phone. What is the answer? TURN IT OFF…I know its unthinkable..what if I miss something? There are times where for business we need to be connectable but then filter so only those urgent numbers come through (look online for instructions on how to do this on your mobile device..most can.) What I have found works for me is that I check my emails and social media twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening (before 8:00then all of my ‘gadgets’ are put into sleep mode.) I found this has helped so much not only with productivity but also with sleep!

2. Fear

I know when I thought about starting this blog I was afraid. I still find it hard even though I love to write to ‘put myself out there.’ I have always been one to care about what people think and was afraid of the criticism that might arise from my attempts at writing. I am lucky to have other bloggers as friends who have given me really good advice about this. The haters will always be there. You can either turn the comments off or just don’t pay attention to writing. The other thing is to accept constructive criticism as a change to learn and get better. We musicians should be used to this and while we accept it in regards to playing often we don’t apply this skill to our everyday lives.

3. Loss of inspiration

This happens to me all the time. Even though I would count myself as a creative person I sometimes find I just can think of anything to write or new things to practice. The answer to this is to get out there. Maybe go to lectures of fellow bloggers or other people you admire. Go to concerts, exhibitions or watch a documentary on something you are interested. I recently discovered that Airbnb is now doing experiences. There seems to be something for everyone and perhaps just talking to the other people on your chosen experience will trigger something that will inspire you.

I hope those suggestions help a little..also..there is always coffee!

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