Going it alone...

I have been thinking a lot about this lately… that feeling where you want to go out and do something but there is no one at that moment to do it with.  Sometimes it is through personal loss, the distance between friends and family or just that you want to spend time by yourself.  You may also find yourself alone when you have an interest (like classical music) but none of your friends shares your interest.

It takes courage to go it alone…

It takes courage to go to things alone. You can feel like a failure if you don’t have friends lining up to go out with. Social media doesn’t help.  You look at Facebook and see what everyone else you know has lots of friends and go out all the time while you sit at home alone with a glass of wine watching Youtube videos of (again) lots of other people travelling and leading amazing lives.

Go out and do something…

For me, it finally got to a point I felt like I had to do something. You only get this life and just because you don’t have a friend to do something with at that time doesn’t mean you should stay inside and not enjoy yourself.

I finally took the plunge and started to go to plays. concerts and even out to eat all by myself.

The up side of going it alone…

Strangely I didn’t feel as out of place as I thought I would.  I even found myself randomly chatting to the people which is an experience I never would have had if I was with someone else or a group.  

The other plus side is often for theatre or concert tickets a show may be ’sold out’ but there are single seats available (often at a discount.) Same with going out to eat. Many restaurants have a bar counter where you can get a place to eat quicker than waiting for a table.

Another fun thing to try is an Airbnb experience. They have so many to chose from and you will meet other people doing the same experience which can be lots of fun.

Of course it’s great to share things with friends and family but don’t be afraid to get out there and experience things on your own. It will be a different experience but one I feel is worth having. 

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