Too busy to go to a concert?

I think this can apply to anything other than just going home, flopping on the sofa and watching tv. We are all so busy and our minds are so full of stuff after a long day that the thought of going out and going to a concert or the theatre or even a late night gallery exhibition just seems like too much effort when you feel you haven’t any brain cells left.

I could say that ‘well once you get there you will be glad you made the effort’ which is usually true but that’s not really a ringing endorsement that you won’t feel as tortured as you do now.

I could also say that going to a concert is relaxing and good for your brain. Well depending on the pieces you are hearing it may not be all that relaxing.

I think the best reason for making time to go and hear a live music concert is that in this current world of screens… is good to lift your head up once and a while and experience the real thing. (Side note…please don’t just watch the concert through the camera on your iPhone either…)

No time for concert.jpg
Laura CampbellComment