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a discovery piece in concert...


The Magic Flute

Magical instruments. Serpents and sorcerers. Trials of character and courage. When you begin an enchanted journey to find love and wisdom, you have to expect delays on the way.

Following his success with The Encounter at the Barbican, Simon McBurney’s five-star production of The Magic Flute returns to ENOconcerning the search for truth and reason, love and enlightenment.

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11:30 AM11:30

a cool concert...


Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment – Hunting for Aliens

BachCantata: Es reisset euch ein schrecklich Ende ‘A Terrible End Shall Sweep You Away‘. BWV90 

Ciara HendrickaltoJames WaytenorJonathan BrownbassProfessor David Walthamspeaker

With Professor David Waltham, Department of Earth Sciences, Royal Holloway

Please note, due to unforeseen circumstances, Professor Lewis Dartnell will no longer be able to take part in this event. Professor David Waltham (Royal Holloway) is now the guest speaker.

The music: With its uncompromising title, this theatrical cantata opens with an anguished tenor aria and remains one of the most furious and intense of the collection.

The science: Is there life on other worlds? It’s one of the most profound questions we can ask, and science is slowly getting closer to finding an answer. Are we alone in the universe? Professor David Waltham closes the season with a look at the latest research in astrobiology – the search for extraterrestrial life.

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8:00 PM20:00

a film in concert...


The Piano (15)

with the London Contemporary Orchestra

Jane Campion’s Oscar-winning gothic romance is screened with a live performance of Michael Nyman’s emotion-laden score by members of the London Contemporary Orchestra.

Nyman's potent romantic minimalist music became one of the most popular soundtracks ever written. The film follows mute Ada (Holly Hunter) to New Zealand as she’s sold into marriage to land-grabber Alisdair (Sam Neill). Forced to sell her beloved piano, Ada enters an uneasy arrangement with local, Baines (Harvey Keitel), to buy it back, one key at a time. Their bargain grows into a dark love affair that puts them both – and the piano – in danger.

In this new presentation, The Piano is seen with the score played live in synchronisation with the film. It’s a chance to experience the film in a new, engrossing way, back on the big screen, with members of the London Contemporary Orchestra playing Nyman’s iconic score.

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11:30 AM11:30

cool concert...


Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment – Cosmic Dawn

With Dr Emma Chapman, Royal Astronomical Society Fellow, Imperial College London

The music: A cantata written when Bach was very busy – he was expected to produce six over the course of a month at the same time that he was writing the St John Passion. This one is more flamboyant than many others, with the violinists getting to show off in a concerto grosso-style.

The science: How did the universe emerge from its dark ages after the Big Bang? Dr Emma Chapman tells us about her work researching early stars, the first objects to produce light in the history of the universe..

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special concert...


Philip Glass


Phelim McDermott‘s Olivier Award-winning production of Philip Glass‘s Akhnaten returns to ENO for its first revival, following its sell-out run in 2016.

Akhnaten is a mesmerising work whose text draws on ancient hymns, prayers and inscriptions sung in their original Egyptian, Hebrew and Akkadian. The opera’s unique mood will transport you to the ancient world through music that combines Glass’s characteristic minimalist voice with stylised movement and choreographed juggling to visualise the rhythms of his score.

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