Brahms 2nd Piano Concerto

Brahms 2nd piano.jpg

As we all know the music of all genres has the ability to transport us back to a time or a feeling from the past but it can also heal. The first time I knew of the power of music to heal was relatively late in my classical music studies….when I was in college at the Peabody Conservatory. There was a teacher there Leon Fleisher. At the time I started there I wasn’t fully aware of who he was (I am so embarrassed by that now.) I watched one of his classes and thought it was one of the most inspired moments of teaching I had ever experienced. Later that day I was talking to a friend about him when she (couldn’t believe I didn’t know his music either) played me his recording of the Brahms Second Piano Concerto. I had just gone through a period of upheaval in my life and as I listened to the first then the start of the second movement all of those conflicting feelings stirred inside me. Anger, sadness, loss, confusion….it’s all there. Then….in the middle of that second movement it changes key from minor to major with what I think is the most majestic chord in the whole of music. In that powerful chord, I felt hope, strength and a feeling of the power of change. Then…my desert island piece….the third slow movement. To this day I can put on that movement, curl up on the sofa and feel comfort and healing surrounding me.

Music is a very individual thing and I’m sure not everyone will get the same things out of the piece I do. Have a listen though…you never know. You might just introduce yourself to a new friend that is there whenever you need him.

Laura CampbellComment