Tchaikowsky Nutcracker


For many musicians here in London Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without playing the Nutcracker.  There are usually 2 or as many as 4 Nutcracker productions going on in the city over the Christmas period (I am sure this is echoed in other places around the world.)

The reason this ballet is so popular among musicians and concert goers alike is that the music is…really great.  If you haven’t seen the Nutcracker it has very catchy music and I’m sure you are familiar with many of the numbers in the ballet without even realising it. (Not to mention it is a short ballet which makes it great for kids to watch without getting too fidgety.)

If you can’t manage to get out and see it this year check out the link below and at least listen to this wonderful music with a mug of hot chocolate and a mince pie!

Laura CampbellComment